Strongarm Labs is comics, graphic novels and art featuring zombies, hauntings,
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C.O.I.N. Op
Spys, robots, car chases and so much more.

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Vampires, like many supernatural denizens, are universal players on the human mindscape, though their forms and modus operandi vary from culture to culture. Legends of these blood-sucking brutes existed in ancient Rome and they still prowl our liquid crystal displays. 

I grew up with the western tradition of vampires fearing God and the Cross. This got me to thinking. Why don't vampires simply move away? In Godless, one vampire does exactly that, much to the dismay of a noble samurai whose territory is its new home. However, can even a vampire escape its own beliefs? 
NY Comic-Con 2007 saw the debut of The Goo.
The fourth book in the Strongarm Labs collection, The Goo joins humanity after several centuries of space exploration and the final discovery of extra-terrestrial life.

Or is it?

The central theme of The Goo is the power of human curiosity, what I consider to be one of our greatest attributes. But, like most tools, it can be used to build or destroy. So, if you've been looking for a story that combines quantum mechanics, the Six Degrees of Separation hypothesis, and a transport vessel named The King's Distraction, then look no further.

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 "It was the second Tuesday after The End of the World, and a robot and a werewolf were enjoying lunch on the ruins of man, as they had every afternoon since The End."
This piece is for those who like to read into everything and dig a multi-layered story. For example, the origin of the word Tuesday, the westward motion of capital, information, and human empires since the invention of the Bronze Age, and right/left split in the primate human brain are a few of the bits scattered in this work if you know where to look. It is part cautionary tale, part "state-of-the-world-as-I-see it", and part history lesson. And, I think, more than a small part entertaining.

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Zombies are great. When we started brainstorming content for our second book they were the obvious choice to make. The next step became divining an original twist on the little buggers. That said, regardless the form they would eventually take, I wanted to employ our meat-eaters in a comedic work of social commentary. Then the answer jumped out at us: make them big! 

We imagined a worldwide plague of giant zombies roaming the countryside tearing roofs open and eating elephants in a single bite. Brilliant! Plus, the concept allowed me to widen my aim at international issues as well. The resulting story addresses everything from slavery in Africa to the value of Boy Scouting, from the Great Pyramids to Euro Disney. Will humanity survive the giant undead? Will it survive Operation White Rain? Read The Tall and The Dead and find out. Your world may depend on it! 

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I do not understand the logic behind how a tragic event can give birth to a restless spirit. Nor do I  understand how a place, some speck on our 4.5 billion year old planet, can be said to attract or contain otherworldly forces.Yet, I believe in both. Go figure.
The Haunting House is an examination of the concept of ghosts and haunted houses. Its story revolves around two friends who photograph reputed haunted structures slated for demolition, and their latest destination of choice. I touch upon many topics in the piece, but the two mentioned in the first paragraph are at its core: are haunted sites special on their own, and how can an event stain or alter the physical universe. A lot has been written on the topic of ghosts - a quick Google search yielded 27 million results - but I have never found an adequate explanation for either of those. Think about it, why isn't post WW II Germany and Poland flooded with ghosts? The two friends discover one possible answer to both these problems, though I'm not sure it was the answer they wanted. Read The Haunting House and find out for yourself.

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